Modern Art this way…..

St Ives 30.10.2012 – closest we got to the Tate Gallery!

7 Responses to “Modern Art this way…..”

  1. Chillbrook

    Ahh St Ives. I like St Ives but only on the off season. I hope you weren’t too mobbed, doesn’t look too bad from your picture and looking at the sky, reasonable weather! You’re doing well! 🙂

    • adrianpym

      Sadly today the tap was left running! No photos today as it was too wet and windy to even get out of the car at Mullion Cove.

      • Chillbrook

        Oh that is shame. Such a great piece of coastline. Quite a storm out in the Atlantic but we’ve had the worst of the rain today. It’s going to stay windy but hopefully not as much rain to come Thursday or Friday. Should be some good breaks.

  2. Leanne Cole

    I love places like this, too small for traffic and walking is the only way to get around. I like the lead in of the sign and the path to follow. Great image Adrian.


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