Twin SU’s

MG engine with twin SU carburettors

2 Responses to “Twin SU’s”

  1. Chillbrook

    Now you wouldn’t want to take a picture of a modern engine would you? They don’t make them like that anymore.. which is probably just as well. As an ex MG owner, I know the joy and the pain of ownership. Reliablity was not their strong suit. And those wire wheels. I was reminded by your picture yesterday what a pain they were to clean.. I think an MG or a Morgan in the garage for occassional use when the sun shines would be the ideal. I used to rely on mine for work.. not good.. 😉

    • adrianpym

      I agree, you can’t even see the engine under my car’s bonnet, just a large plastic cover with the manufacturers logo – no sign of any moving parts!

      Never had an MG but I did have the pleasure (and the pain) of owning a Lancia once.


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