Classic British Bike

Triumph – classic British brand – so why call it an “America”?

from the series “Automotive Abstracts

2 Responses to “Classic British Bike”

  1. Stephen G. Hipperson

    If you took the ‘Triumph’ off the bike and the name, and you had to guess where it came from…..?
    To me, the designer of the bike was successful in putting a particular style into a bike, a style which is ‘America’.
    If I rode a motorbike and I could afford it, I would have a Triumph. (Don’t care about the downs associated with them, it’s a Triumph. Same as, if I ever buy a sports car, it will be a Lotus. In the realms of what I can afford, it will only ever be Kellogs for my cornflakes and Heinz for my Baked Beans and Tomato Sauce.) 😉


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