3 Responses to “Vines”

  1. artblablablablog

    O.K., this looks like a lovely fairytale too! You may need to think about doing a fairytale series….

    • adrianpym

      Do fairies have tales? If they do I bet they are difficult to photograph – but I’m always up for a challenge! Didn’t you post some fairy pictures a while ago?

      Good to see your name popping up in my comments box again Christina.

      I am now following your “iwitnesslife” blog and looking forward to some more great photos.

      • artblablablablog

        Thank you Adrian! I don’t think I have any fairies in my tool box. I am so glad you will follow I witness life, I will only post once a week so people will have time to read the stories, I think you will enjoy it. I of course see no reason you can’t add fairies to your photos, and you can give them tails or they could be cropped for showing & breeding. Hmmm…


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