Abstract Architecture 2

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10 Responses to “Abstract Architecture 2”

  1. Adrian Lewis

    That’s very good, Adrian – the vertical stripes almost appear to shimmer – one of your best I think. And I like the changed look of your blog too. Adrian

  2. John M Smith

    Yao frum Berningum aint ya….. mai tow……..oiy railee, railee loike this ‘un..

    … great shot Adrian and the new style is a strong context for your work…… raily, raily grate..


  3. Russ

    That works so well in monochrome, like the new theme BTW, it’s the one i have just choosen (done before seeing yours 8-))

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Russ. I noticed your theme change – I am just trying out a few different ones until I get the one I want. May even go for a premium theme and my own domain………

      • Russ

        I like this one as it allows the display of larger images, I agonised over premium themes ages ago when i was looking to set up my web site, i coulndt get my head around all the hosting options for it, there are some really nice themes out there, i think when my Zenfolio account needs renewing i may ditch it and go with WP.


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