Under construction

I am currently looking at a total redesign of my blog and testing different options.  I will try to keep posting new images during the reconstruction.

Please bear with me while I make my mind up!  Normal service will be resumed soon.

3 Responses to “Under construction”

  1. 2 Rivers Photos

    I’m thinking of doing the same thing… I think its time to bite the bullet and purchase the custom design option… thats where my mind is but we’ll see if I’ll do it or not!!!

    • adrianpym

      I have found a great theme “off WP” so I need to buy the pro upgrade to allow me to install the third party theme! It starts to add up cost wise – so I need to think about it for a while (then do it!)

  2. adrianpym

    Still trying to decide – took a look at Twenty Twelve but its not what I am looking for……the search goes on.


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