Cranes, clouds, moon


Not sure if this fits the “Does what it says on the tin” series but its an old photo I had forgotten about.  I just found it again and felt it needed some exposure to critical comment.

Sunset on the Cranes at Port Talbot steel works near Swansea

16 Responses to “Cranes”

  1. Kirsty

    this is going to sund really nit-picky… I kinda like it, but find that my eyes bounce from the moon to the cranes to the moon to the cranes to….. so shoot me!

    • adrianpym

      Knew I’d get a response from you Kirsty! and you don’t sund nit-pickey! You are looking at the detail within the picture and moving from one feature to the next and back again. Try looking at the “Big” picture taking in all the features at the same time.;-)


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