Accepted or Rejected – 2

18 Responses to “Accepted or Rejected – 2”

  1. Sallyann

    I would say the bottom picture was accepted this time, but hey, I got it wrong last time. 🙂
    Do you find out why they’re rejected ?

  2. Chillbrook

    Well done for getting your pictures accepted. I would have gone for the corks myself but there you go. I’m going with the gateway this time. I think both pictures are lovely. I prefer the first which is why I’m going with the second. I have trouble understanding why some pictures are accepted ahead of others and as for competition winners, competitions I haven’t entered I might add, I’m frequently left baffled.

  3. Kirsty

    This time I’m going with the shot I prefer…. Gateway accepted? (smug from getting it right last time…. About to be smacked in the face?)

  4. John M Smith

    Hmm….. both are very nice….. are they looking for images that would have space for text…. both would do that. The area through the arch is very clear and quite contrasty and text would have to compete with that whereas the overall tonality of the waterfall could take a block of strong text, so I go with the waterfall.

  5. Rustic Recluse

    Ah, as expected, loved the corks but the seats were accepted. This time I like the first picture and I’m guessing it is accepted?

  6. Harry Moonbeam

    I agree with John H Smith, both good photos but from a text point of view the door image is too strong for anything other than a headline. I’d say the stock people accepted the waterfall.


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