Accepted or rejected?

For a change I am posting some of my stock submissions for the next few days.  Each post contains two photo’s submitted to well known stock sites.  One was accepted the other rejected.  Can you tell the good from the bad?  (Answers with the next post).

18 Responses to “Accepted or rejected?”

  1. Kirsty

    I like the corks better so I’m betting the seats were the “accepted” ???? 😀

  2. 2 Rivers Photos

    I think the corks got rejected because of the selective coloring 🙂 Thats my only reason, both are great images in my opinion.

  3. elisaruland

    If I say the seats….it will be the corks. I am drawn to the seat photo because I tried to take a shot like that at a local ball field. It did not turn out nearly as cool as yours!

  4. Sallyann

    I like the chairs, but the one off coloured chair keeps drawing my eyes away from the flow so I’ll go with the corks. 🙂

  5. (D)OCULAR

    I think the corks were rejected, like said before due to the selective colouring… But both are nice photos

  6. Ian Beattie

    I’ve been using a stock agent for 20 years and have given up trying to work out what they want. Some awesome shots (my opinion) have been canned and some pretty ordinary ones have been accepted and sold well. When you work it out let me know 🙂


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