Bull Ring

Selfridges Building at Bull Ring, Birmingham

The much photographed view…..

….and a less photographed view

21 Responses to “Bull Ring”

  1. ledrakenoir

    Great shots – the first shot makes me think ‘what on earth is this’, the next told me -do not know the building I have only be at Birmingham a single time – watch a match against LFC… 😉

  2. elisaruland

    Fantastic shots, I could see them in a glossy magazine. Beautiful!

    • adrianpym

      It’s at the top of Digbeth High Street, close to Moor Street Station. New Street Station is behind the Bull Ring.

  3. Adrian Lewis

    Two excellent pictures, Adrian – but the lower one really gets to me >>> its almost surreal, it looks as if it could be a group of people on some flying saucer-type craft, cruising left to right through a firmament of white Smarties! Good photography! Adrian


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