….that will not be drowned

A further selection of the Scallop at Aldeburgh

1.  Onshore view

2. Offshore, backlit view

3. Alternative view

4.  View towards Thorpeness

and finally to give some scale….my boys “respecting” the artwork!

14 Responses to “….that will not be drowned”

  1. m5son

    That’s one cool scallop. Well photographed, and handsome boys. It’s fun being a dad, eh.

  2. Lynne Ayers

    I don’t think I would mind at all if this were on my beach. I think it is evocative and thought provoking and pleasing to the eye. Some interesting shots.

  3. seekraz

    Very nice, Adrian…and I’m with Lynne again…I would be just fine with this being on my beach. And nice shot of the boys, too. 🙂

  4. ManoliRizoFotografia

    Que curioso!! una escultura en la playa, tus hijos son muy guapos y se ve que se lo pasaron en grande posando, deberías aprovechar con ellos y hacer retratos, besos


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