Just published – Urban Mono

A black and white …
By Adrian Pym

16 Responses to “Just published – Urban Mono”

  1. Adrian Lewis

    This is very interesting, Adrian >>> and especially so as I’m not far off completing my third Blurb book – some photos from the Somerset Levels – looking at your layouts etc has given me some further ideas.

    Question: putting your book on sale in the Blurb bookshop is a good idea – but how do you work out the prices? Is it simply a case that the prices are the total cost of Blurb making another copy, and posting it out to someone?

    To keep prices down in these bookshop versions, have you chosen the cheapest paper (which I found fine in my trial book, but which I’m not going to use for my personal copies)?

    I’ll be most interested to hear any further feedback you have – I’m quite certain that producing books via Blurb is one direction that I want to take. Adrian

    • adrianpym

      Hi Adrian. In terms of selling via blurb i just add a profit margin of a few dollars – totally arbitrary and I don’t change the spec of the book.

      I have no expectation of selling any hard copies of my books but I have sold e-copies.

      I am also working on my third book – its quite addictive.

      Are you going to publish your books?


      • Adrian Lewis

        Hi, Adrian! Well I started out by producing a trial book, with the most basic paper, just to have a hard copy in my hand, to really get to grips with what Blurb offers. Next I produced a book of shots from a party, which has been well received.

        Now, I have the long term plan of building lots of my favourite photos into Blurb books, probably using top quality paper – which Sallyann says she has never regreted opting for – and I have a third book just about ready with 50 or so shots from the Somerset Levels.

        So I might well put these up and coming books for sale on Blurb – but although I want best quality paper for myself, it seems better to have the bookstore ones on cheaper paper, to keep the price down a bit. And softback too maybe. What do you think?

        I can quite see that this may become addictive. But even if it doesn’t, it really has to be reckoned with as something that takes away time from my blog – almost like producing a second blog really – and time is the thing that I’m always short off! Adrian


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