Messing about in boats at Hatton Locks

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11 Responses to “Messing about in boats at Hatton Locks”

  1. Lynne Ayers

    “There is nothing- absolutely nothing- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” said ratty to the mole – Wind in the Willows. One of my mother’s favourite quotes and these shots brought back memories of boating along the Rideau Canal here in Ontario and doing the ritual of the lock. I enjoyed them – thanks.

  2. John Smith

    The third photo is one I keep coming back to. The shallow depth of field with your long lens (or maybe a crop) makes a nice compression of the scene. The man on the left is an essential stop point between the blurred church and the strong forms of the lock gates. Might make an effective mono if you lightened the greens of the trees?

    • adrianpym

      Thanks John. It was a long lens and I agree it might look good in mono, think I’ll give it a go at some point.

  3. Adrian Lewis

    Hi Adrian! I very much like the bottom picture here – excellent composition, and all receding to that far off church – it really pulls the eye in. Adrian


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