Le Chateau – updated

The wall of a Chateau in the Loire region of France

This time I prefer the colour version!


Found the following picture of the same Chateau, in which I tried to emphasise the colour of the roses


23 Responses to “Le Chateau – updated”

  1. pixelogist

    i agree, the flowers really work in this shot, a sort of line thru the frame… i prefer the color too 🙂

  2. Z

    The color one definitely seems to work better, although I think you should’ve filtered the red in this photo, helping the buds of the flowers to stand out.

  3. Angeline M

    You read my mind. When I first opened this post and saw only the B&W, I was thinking “why didn’t he do this in color?” …..and then I scrolled down and, voila! I would like just the green against the wall, and not the red roses..I really like the color version!

  4. Lynne Ayers

    I think the B/W shows a nice graphic composition; the colour adds charm. I like both for different reasons.

  5. Adrian Lewis

    Very nice photography, Adrian and, yes, the colour version certainly has it! The mono version is very drab by comparison. Adrian

  6. Helen Boyd

    Hello, for me a mono image has to have good texture, the final image does that, have a nice weekend…..


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