Subway King

Almost forgot about this shot.  The guy was begging in a subway in Birmingham, saw my camera and wanted his photo taken.  Got him the price of a cup of tea for his friendly banter.  Does this count as “Street photography”?

13 Responses to “Subway King”

  1. Chillbrook

    I don’t know about street photography but I think this is a really nice picture. Someone so obviously down on their luck finding something to smile and be happy about is great. You’ve captured this man’s indomitable spirit and that makes it a very good portrait in my opinion.

  2. m5son

    I think that is the definition of street photography. I once saw a guy in Vegas who had trained his dog to lay across his lap and look needy. He held up a sign that said “please help, dog needs surgery.” It cracked me up and the dude started laughing as well.

  3. ManoliRizoFotografia

    La verdad es que este tipo de personas me dan mucha pena, pero en esta ocasión has captado el lado menos triste de esta situación, ¡me gusta!, saludos


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