ABC Award

My second award!  Thank you Steven for nominating me.

The rules of the Awesome Blog Content Award:

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award (see above).

2.  Nominate others to receive the award for their own awesome blog content, and notify them of their nomination (see below).

3.  Use the ABCs to describe something about yourself or your philosophy in a word, a sentence or a short paragraph (See below – I will be back to fill in the gaps).

My Nominations:

I agree with Steven in that Rules are there to be broken, and in breaking the rules, I am going to follow his lead and simply list some blogs I follow.  It is then up to these individuals to accept the award or not and whether to follow the rules, bend them or ignore them.  I have nominated the following because their blogs are ones I visit again and again:-

My ABC’s

A – Apple product junkie

B – Black & White Photography

C – Camra (no not a typo, Campaign for Real Ale)

D – D200 , my camera

E – Efex Pro 2 – to buy or not?

F – Fun, otherwise why do it?

G – Guinness Draught.  Lunch in a glass.

H – Holiday’s, when I take most of my photo’s

I – Inspiration

J –

K –

L – Landscape

M – Mac

N – Nikon

O –

P – Panorama’s

Q –

R –

S – “Shootabout” – great description of a photo trip by Seth Arley

T –

U – Urban, as in cityscapes , street art and street photography

V –

W – Wife, mine, who lets me spend hours on photographing things

X –

Y –

Z –

8 Responses to “ABC Award”

  1. Alex Autin

    Congrats on your award Adrian….well deserved! And indeed rules are meant to be broken.
    Also, thank you SO much for the mention. It’s very kind of you and greatly appreciated! I’m looking forward to checking out your other nominees…except for that Mike guy (I already know he’s awesome!) I should mention that I’ve already received this award. I’m not sure if this disqualifies me…but as you’ve said…rules are meant to be broken. If you’re interested you can check out my post on this award here….

    Thanks again!


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