The Old Wharf

Another one bites the dust……last orders please!

5 Responses to “The Old Wharf”

  1. Alex Autin

    What a great location…and what a great shot. I’m thinking there is no shortage of stories which took place in there.

    Also…now I know where to go if I want to rent offices of various sizes!

    • adrianpym

      “Every picture paints a thousand words” or whatever they say. I think it is appropriate to urban shots such as this.

      I also spotted the office space ad!

  2. Steven Tze

    Where do we have the least video surveillance coverage? The front door.

    I also just realized where the word “sublet” comes from since we use rent/lease instead of “let” here in the States.

    • adrianpym

      Surveillance is designed to catch the fights outside the bar, and not people trying to get in! Colourful neighbourhood!


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