My First Award!

Wow….totally unexpected and really appreciated.  Thank you to Chillbrook for nominating me, and others, on his post  Versatile, Kreativ and the ABC..

I started this photo blog 75 days ago as my new project for the year and have been amazed at the sheer number of great photographers I have met via their blogs.  I have also been recipient of some fantastic appreciation of my photography and comments on my posts.

Since 1 January I have been visited over 2,100 times; a lot more than I imagined when starting the blog, and I have to admit to learning a lot from others styles, posts and advice.

I would therefore like to keep the tradition going by nominating the following for the Versatile Blogger Award.  So, in no particular order, I nominate the following: –

Caroline Gorka Photography

Helen’s Journal

Mike’s Look at Life

But Is It Art? Photography by Declan O’Doherty.

FATman Photos

Striking Photography by Bo blog

One Motive

Andrew Mitchell

Darrell Steele Photography


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