7 Responses to “Edinburgh”

  1. Daniel

    Thanks for the panorama photo. I’m always fascinated by them. (By the way, I got married in Edinburgh, in the shadow of that castle some seventeen years ago.)

  2. adrianpym

    Thanks Daniel – for stopping by and taking the time to comment. There are more panorama’s on an earlier post – kind of obsessed by them at one point.

  3. munchow

    I like the little selections of pictures from Edinburgh. My favourites are the black and white overlooking the city and the panoramic picture. Great work!

    • adrianpym

      Thanks Otto. Appreciate your comments. I am favouring black & white shots at the moment they seem to add something to the scene rather than take anything away.

  4. Scott Marshall

    Reblogged this on Scott Marshall Photography (@skm1963) and commented:
    Here we go lady’s and gents – competition No2 – more prizes – YES – but you wont enter simply for a prize – you will enter for the recognition of your peers -or simply to share a gorgeous experience – so lets see your entries pour in – The Digital Lightroom Team


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