The Malvern Hills

Weather forecast was good, cold but bright all day.  Plus hadn’t left the house yet in 2012!  So hiked up to the top of the Malvern beacon for the exercise and the views.

3 Responses to “The Malvern Hills”

  1. blackrocket2000

    Hi Adrian – could you advise me on Photo blogs @ WordPress. If you upload a series of thumbnails as yours here, can followers click thru to gallery view like yours does here? Or do I have to something clever to make it happen? I have yet to upload a set of photos into one blog. I know it works like this on Tumblr and Google+, so I guess it does the same here?

    • adrianpym

      Hi Andrew, as far as I know the template I chose does all the background work including link from thumbnails to gallery. I have only been posting since early January and am still getting to know my way around WordPress. Give it a go, you can always delete if it doesn’t do what you want.


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